In selecting PoolCoating System 10 for your swimming pool you have chosen to reduce your year-on-year pool maintenance significantly. To get the longest life from your re-coated pool, we have put together the following information which you should read before applying the product. Of course, if you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us.


Antel PoolCoat System 10 is a three coat system, described as a ‘PACK’, consisting of two coats of colour, e.g. Aqua Blue, White, York Stone and one coat of clear, acting as a top coat to protect and seal the underlining colour while adding increased gloss, chalk resistance, chemical resistance and further enhancement of a ‘smooth feel’ finish.
A ‘Pack’ is supplied as 2 x 5 litres of colour and 1 x 3 litre of clear top coat. This will cover 35 m2 in 3 coats. Therefore as an illustration, if you have a 70 m2 pool area, then you require ‘2 Packs’. 

The formulated epoxy resin technology used is the result of decades of experience in formulating, testing, manufacturing and supplying high spec, high tech products for easy and safe application, tailored for their specific environment and PoolCoat System 10 is no exception. Antel PoolCoat System 10 possesses most of the properties of conventional epoxy resins with many additional advantages, particularly its tolerance of damp application conditions, chemical resistance, prolonged UV stability and overall durability. Application is as easy as ordinary emulsion paint and it dries quickly to form a tough, easily cleaned coating, providing a waterproof barrier. The coating is non toxic, resistant to oil, and most mild chemicals. Subsequent over coating can be carried out after the original surface has been thoroughly degreased and cleaned.


The scope of applications for Antel PoolCoat System 10 is extensive and it can be used virtually anywhere that concrete or masonry requires protection or waterproofing.


Supplied as a ‘pack’:
2 x 5 litres of colour and 1 x 3 litre of clear top coat.


Depending on the substrate, coverage is approximately 35 square metres per 5 litres on a non porous, smooth surface. With rougher and more porous surfaces the coverage is reduced.


Although Antel PoolCoat System 10 will over coat some other finishes and paints, the best results are achieved when surfaces are clean and free of other finishes/coatings. Sanding and grit blasting are effective ways of removing paints, coatings and stains.

All voids and surface imperfections must be carefully filled especially when using Antel PoolCoat System 10 Clear.

All leaks must be stopped using Antel Water Stop, Antel Epoxy Putty or Antel SBR Bonding Agent as appropriate. Damp substrates are acceptable but not to the point of saturation. Where damp or wet surfaces exist constantly, seek technical advice. Concrete substrates and cement based renders must be fully cured.

For pools that are already painted make good the surface and then sand and clean the existing paint or coating to ensure a sound base. Particular attention should be made to degreasing surfaces before application.

Do not use any PVA coating on the substrate prior to application, as this will result in the paint peeling off.


Do not attempt to split packs into smaller quantities. 

1. Stir the contents of the larger tin marked ‘A Pack’. 

2. Pour the entire contents of the smaller container, marked ‘B Pack’ into the larger container making sure to scrape out as much as possible.

3. Mix thoroughly, using a drill and paddle. Once combined, mix for a further 2-3 minutes to ensure complete uniformity.

4. Pour into at least two roller trays to maintain pot life and dissipate heat.

The coating is now ready to apply immediately to the prepared areas.


– Do not apply in temperatures below 10 °C.
– Ensure there are at least 3 days of dry weather before starting application, as it’s important the coating stays dry, particularly for the first 24 hours.
– Mid morning is generally the best time to apply each coat. The longer the paint has been applied before dew point, the higher the strength of the bond between the coating and the substrate.
– Application in mildly damp conditions is possible, but the product will not tolerate standing water.
– The pot life for this coating is 1.5 hours at 20°C. Warmer temperatures will reduce the pot life of the coating, which is why we recommend application takes place mid- morning.
– Cease to apply the coating when application feels ‘sticky’ and/or the coating does not apply evenly.
– Once mixed, it is only possible to apply a single coat. Do not attempt to return to the mix to apply a second coat.
– Take special care to mix the correct ‘A’ & ‘B’ Packs.
– Be aware that the 3rd Clear Sealer Coat has a shorter pot life.
– Use a Plum Line When Applying the Clear Coat; this will ensure you don’t miss any spots, which could lead to discolouration caused by inadequate UV protection.
– Apply the clear coat using a FOAM ROLLER. Apply sparingly. Do not over load the roller. Application in this way will ensure there are no paint ‘runs’ and full area/coverage is achieved. It cannot be sprayed.
– A three coat system is adequate for all but the most porous surfaces. In the case of a very porous substrate, a first priming coat of Antel PoolCoat System 10 Primer should be used followed by 2 coloured coats and 1 sealer coat.

1. Apply the first coat by brush, roller (medium pile emulsion) or spray. Wait a full 24 hours before applying the next coat.
2. Apply the second coat of PoolCoat System 10. Wait a full 24 hours before applying the final clear sealer coat.
3. Apply the clear coat by roller (low thickness foam).
4. After applying the final coat, wait 3-7 days (depending on temperature) before refilling your pool. 

Antel can supply a special roller Application Kit. It contains the following products to make sure that your Pool or Pond gets the perfect application:

Two Antel Medium Pile Rollers
• One Antel Foam Roller for the 3rd Sealer Coat • One set of Disposable Application Clothing
• One Antel Roller Frame


At 20 °C, and with reasonable ventilation, the coating is touch dry in 8 hours and hard dry in 12 hours. Maximum cure, hardness and chemical resistance is obtained within 7 days. 


Test Data @20°C:
Pot Life 1-1.5 hours
Touch dry 8 – 10 hours
Inter coat Period 24 – 48 hours
Foot traffic 24- 48 hours
Full Cure 3 – 7 days
Application Thickness 70 microns per coat
Ideal application temperature 15-20°C
Coverage 7 – 8m² per litre
Finish Gloss
% solids W/W 68
Viscosity @20°C spindle 3 20rpm 9.0 Pa.s
Specific Gravity @ 20°C 1.4
Maximum humidity for application 80%


Store in a cool, dry and frost free area in original containers. Protect from freezing. Keep out of the reach of children. A shelf life in excess of 12 months can be expected for unopened containers kept in the above conditions. 


When using spray equipment a thorough rinsing with cold water every hour will prevent a buildup of cured material. Brushes and rollers should be washed with cold water and detergent and rinsed thoroughly in cold water.

Application equipment used to apply the 3rd Clear Sealer Coat should not be cleaned with water, but simply allowed to cure/harden and then disposed of.


Antel PoolCoat System 10 is much safer to handle than other resin systems; however, it is recommended that all skin contact is avoided and that if contact is made, are washed immediately with soap and warm water. It is advisable to use a barrier cream and gloves when applying.


A Note from Antel

We make every attempt to provide as much information as possible on the mixing and application of Antel’s PoolCoat System 10, however, if there is something you are not sure of, or if you have a particular request or problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will only be too happy to help. Antel is committed to providing a superior before and after sales service.